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to excellent customer service in human resources.

Elder woman and her caretaker

Selecting Helpers

One employer’s daughter came to our office and asking our help to select the right candidate for her mother, who suffers from brain degeneration, diabetes, and paralyzed. 

Mothers and their Baby

Family Relationship

The good helper also can help to ease the relationship tension between different family members.  

 Young Woman Contemplating

Emotional Counseling

We helped the employer find a sister who felt the heart and effort. My sister recently told us that when her mother came home, she would also say two bad things about her sister. 




The most common nationalities choice for foreign domestic helpers in Hong Kong are Filipino and Indonesian. What are the characteristics and differences of the foreign domestic helpers among these three countries?

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What is the application process for hiring a foreign domestic helper? Can I apply? What documents are there to prepare?

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​What service do you have except Application for overseas/ local domestic helper?

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Can Indonesian domestic helpers eat pork, and can they handle pork?  What languages can they speak?  What kind of working experience does the helper have?                                ​Read More>

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