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Our Service

If you are looking for a suitable foreign domestic helper,

you may use our foreign domestic helper application service.

We simplify the screening and hiring process and can provide a tailor-made training program

for the Foreign Domestic Helper.


Ensemble Human Resources Co., Ltd. holds a Hong Kong Employment Agency license

and an operating certificate approved by the Indonesian Consulate General and Philippine Consulate General in Hong Kong to provide reliable and legal referral services for customers.


The service items will vary slightly depending on the circumstances of the FDH

and the content of the service. For details of the service content and fees, please feel free to contact us.

Application Processing


Overseas & local foreign domestic helper applications


Contract Renewal


Insurance, Flight Ticket booking, and Medical Check-up

  • 身份證明文件
    1. 僱主身分證副本或 2. 如僱主非香港永久性居民,請另外出示僱主的旅行証件副本(包括個人資料及附有最新香 港簽証等資料的頁數)。
  • 經濟證明文件
    僱⽤一名外傭僱主必須持有不少於每月薪港幣$15,000 的家庭入息或擁有款額相若的資產 如僱主是某公司的僱員 1. 稅務局發出的本年度或上本年度收入之評稅單 ,全年收入總數港幣$180,000或以上; 2. 或過去三個月月薪自動轉帳的銀行或月結單; 3. 或僱主持有可觀資產證明(例如:最近期的物業稅評稅通知書/過去六個月的定期存款/儲蓄存款結單(不少於港幣$350,000 亦可以配偶的入息聯合申請,只要附上結婚證明書副本證明兩人的關係便可。; 或 持有不少於每月港幣15,000 元的家庭入息或款額相若的資產,證明你有足夠財政能力,在整個合約期(即兩年)僱用該名外傭。
  • 住址證明
    僱主在標準僱傭合約(ID 407)上所填報住址的證明,即最近期的徵收差餉通知書或 過去三個月內的水費 / 電話費 / 電費單等公用設施帳單。 如合約地址屬房屋署 / 香港房屋協會轄下住所 / 屋苑的單位 則應提供以下文件 - 房屋署 / 香港房屋協會批准傭工在該單位居住的同意書 - 與房屋署 / 香港房屋協會訂立的租約第一至四頁副本,其上載有地址 及家庭成員的個人資料。 如證明文件不是僱主本身名義的,請另提供關係證明,例如出生證明書、結婚證書、公司年報、股份分配紀錄 [ 表格 1(b) ] 等。
  • 住⼾(成員)資料
    家庭成員資料: -全名 -身分證號碼 -出生年份 -僱主關係
  • 現任及上任外傭資料
  • 查看更多
    可以將資料郵寄至:紅磡馬頭圍道37號紅磡廣場1樓38-42號舖 或電郵至

Training Services


Cooking and Confinement Training


Grooming course


Domestic helper uniforms

Helpers come to our offices during the holiday to gather to share their experiences and teach other freshly come helpers.   We will also provide additional training for FDHs such as introduce them about Hong Kong public transport system,

wet markets and supermarkets, basic time management concepts and basic domestic work.

We can also arrange our consultants to understand more

about the employer’s family background and needs to set a FDH manual for employers and FDH.  

Please contact us for more details.

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