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About Us

ENSEMBLE HUMAN RESOURCES CO. LTD. has been providing professional and caring services to employers for more than 10 years.
We committed to providing all aspects of support to employers and helpers

to help them to finish their 2 years contracts.  For more than a decade,

it has won the trust and support of employers.

Ensemble Human Recources Company Limited also provides caring services to employers.

If customers have special requirements and needs,
Our sales team can also provide on-site interview services.*

Ensemble Human Recourses Company Limited will continuously optimize the quality of our services

and provide customers with simple, fast and reliable employment matching services.

We are willing to provide more latest employment information and news.

If you have any enquiry, please contact us.

*Additional service fees may occur, please contact our staffs for more detail.


Rigorous assessment system and many interviews process, let us and the employers pick out the quality and appropriate helpers to take care of the different needs of each family.


Our caring and conscientious attitude with a wide range of training activities and training materials, so the customer will be worry-free, rest assured, an satisfied.


Our professional and timely work attitude, have won the trust and support of employers for more than a decade.


In response to the different needs of each family, we can provide professional training for the helper

The overseas helper selected by ENSEMBLE HUMAN RESOURCES CO. LTD. has to undergo professional training and have excellent results from overseas training centers, our helper undergoes a rigorous check-in their character, health, education and work experience prior interviewing with our customers.


With the assurance that ENSEMBLE HUMAN RESOURCES CO. LTD. holds the Hong Kong Employment Agency License and the Business Certificate (Member No. 229) approved by the Consulate General of Indonesia in Hong Kong. We can provide reliable and legal referral services for customers.


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