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Senior Caring Service

Hong Kong, where the population is aging, many families have a strong demand for Indonesian foreign domestic helpers. The reason is that the elderly can only communicate in Cantonese.  Most of the Indonesian helpers in Hong Kong, they can communicate in Cantonese and this is one of the reasons making Indonesian helpers popular for Hong Kong families.


In additional, Indonesian training centers will provide Cantonese, English, and Mandarin language training for the helpers before they exit to work in Hong Kong, Taiwan, or Singapore. 


One question raises:  Is it the best option for those families with elderly to choose a helper understand Cantonese?  A helper with communicable language skill is it really that important?


Nowadays, experienced foreign domestic helpers are choosy about new jobs.  Those families with elderly people who are disabled or paralyzed, or the living environment is not ideal, may find very hard to hire experienced helpers to work for their families.  Also, sometimes the character and temper change of the elderly may also lead the helpers decide to change job.

We have also heard from employer that her family has already terminated four foreign domestic helper contracts within a year and seeking our help to choose another helper for her family.   The employer told us that those past four helpers, they are very experienced and can communicate very fluently in Cantonese.   By understanding more of her family background and expectation, our consultant introduced this employer an Indonesian foreign domestic helper who have no overseas experience and can communicate basic Cantonese.  This helper is about to finish her contract with this family.

Therefore, most employers with elderly families choose Ensemble employment services as well as our onsite FDH elderly training services.

Our professional team provides users with one-stop day care services for the elderly, allowing elderly or those in needed of special cares to live in a healthy and happy life at home.


Fixed price

There is no hidden charge. We include all assessments, treatments, follow-up service, etc.


Custom Plans

Users can participate in the design and decision progress of the entire rehabilitation service.


Personalized Consultation

Each user has a professional consultant to follow up on the overall situation and can discuss the adjustment plan when needed according to the actual needs of the user.



Our therapists follow the users' situation and need and explain in detail so that users and patients can understand the progress.


Living Care

Including: Personal Hygiene (Assisted Bathing, shampooing, Incontinence Care, etc.)Feeding, and Assisted Personal Matters(Shopping, Out-Patient Escort, Daily activities Companion, etc.)


Personal Care

Including: Measuring Vital Signs (Body Temperature, Pulse, Blood Pressure, etc.), *Testing Blood Sugar, etc.


Lifting and Transfer

Including: Safe Lifting and Transfer (Assisted Transfer from Bed to Wheelchair, Sitting on the Bed, etc.)


Rehabilitation Exercise

Including: Muscle Training, Soothing Tendons, etc.


Meal Arrangements

Including: Purchasing Ingredients, Preparing & Cooking or Arranging a Dietitian and Design a Menu


Case Management

ncluding:  If you have used the daily care service for a long time,  our professional consultant will follow up your case all the way.

Organized by occupational therapists, nurses, social workers, speech therapists, dietitians, rehabilitation assistants and care assistants, Based on the detailed assessment of the user's physical and mental conditions and environmental factors, and then we personalize the most suitable user's day rehabilitation program and care package.

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* Measuring instruments must be provided by the customer.

^ The dietitian service is available at an additional charge.

# Long-term is the number of people who continue to use the service for more than one month and serve no less than 20 hours per week.
You can also tailor the service plan to suit your individual needs. For details, please contact us.

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