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Elder Care Services

In recent years, Hong Kong Government promotes its new senior care policy objective of “Seniors or Patients receive care from Holistic Nursing support at Home”.


By supporting the choice to age within the comfort of one’s own home, the elderly can live fulfilling lives without infringement upon their autonomy, and leading the elderly to have a healthy, happy, and meaningful retirement life.  Also, having the elderly retirement staying at their own private home minimizes the economical and emotional strain borne by family members.  Thus, a tailor-made comprehensive care environment will be needed by this large group of elders. 

For emergencies or daily care, looking after an elder requires specialized knowledge beyond the standard training found in traditional domestic helpers. At ENSEMBLE, we seek to provide you with hospital-grade care without taking a single step out of your door.


A Revolutionary Approach

Supported by ENSEMBLE’s nurses, doctors, and other medical professionals, our highly trained team of caregivers exercise the maxim of the concept of “Elderly Care at HOME” via the following services: home safety/facilities assessment and renovations,  comprehensive health checks and evaluation, and fully customised care programs and service planning.


In-Home Comprehensive Assessments:

Licensed nurses will conduct visits evaluating the following:

  • Home environmental suitability and safety for elder care.

  • Health and general wellness assessment.

  • Cognitive ability and mobility evaluations.


Foreign Domestic Helper - Caregiver Training:

  • Hygiene (Assisted bathing, hair wash, and excrement disposal/cleaning, etc.)

  • Personal care (measurement of temperature, pulse, blood pressure and sugar levels, etc.)

  • Safe lifting and transfer of the elderly.

  • Crisis management.

  • Feeding technique.


Licensed Nurses

  • Medicine and supplement knowledge.

  • One-to-one training for domestic helpers and family.

  • 24/7 online monitoring of elder health status.

  • Hospital stay follow up.

  • Scheduled Nursing Visits.

Season Plan

  • Home visits for health and environmental safety evaluation.

  • One-time follow up for hospital stay.

  • 24/7 monitoring.

  • 24/7 medical contact and support.

  • Twice a month home visits.

  • Drug and medication management.

  • One-on-one caregiver support.

Half Year Plan

•    Home visits for health and environmental safety evaluation.
•    One-time follow up for hospital stay.
•    24/7 remote monitoring follow-up.
•    24/7 medical contact and support with licensed nurse.
•    Twice a month home visits.
•    Drug and medication management.
•    One-on-one caregiver support.

Home visits for health and environmental safety evaluation

Over 50 professional assessments.

Including: Health condition assessments, home safety assessment, special facility renovations, tailor-made care program.

One-time follow up for hospital stay

Assessment of the sufficiency of care provided by hospitals during overnight stay, coordinates with hospital staff to minimize the chance of unexpected health complications.

24/7 monitoring

Via smartphone, family and caregivers can upload their senior’s health data daily, allowing for early detection, support, and treatment of any health problems by our medical team.

Twice a Month Home Visits Plan

In-person home visits, allowing for flexible adjustments to care program.

One-on-one caregiver support

Whether it be through in-person classes on online assistance, our licensed nurses can provide the following support: personal hygiene standard, personal care, safe lifting and transfer, feeding, serving medicine, observation of emotional state, accident prevention and management.

For more information, please contact us.

Please contact us to learn more about comprehensive in-home elder care and services.

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