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Domestic Helper Sharing

万儷 一直用心為顧主及外傭作中介,用心解決顧主及傭工之間的問題。以下是我們收到顧主及外傭的心聲

Turn out my salary isn't according to my contract, wat to do ,,

From the start i thought it was according to the contract,, eeehhhh

Turns out i was paid $5500, i was shocked and regret, regret why not from the first 

Salary on 23 yesterday + 2 weeks no day off 

Thank you so much for helping me looking for a good employer,and i wish u have very good fortune, hopefully the fortune and ensemble will became famous 


Thank God Thank you very much. Thank you. my miss the elderly and grandchildren are all good (at first I was scared to keep up the fuss) Thank you for finding a good employer i will promote to my friends the best ENSEMBLE agency .. cheap and responsible

God Almighty can reward the good things, may u stay healthy and happy


Thank you for the trust BB

You are the nice one among those agency I've known

Because from my experience, my old agency treat helper very bad


Kace how are you!
I am happy to be able to join the ensemble, besides the good and friendly management can embrace and never blame the helper 

My experience was intensified after 4 months my elderly employer died, but the ensemble could still help and thank God it worked!
As long as I wait for the visa to release  , I can also look for part time so I can keep working, if I don't want to part time, it's okay because I eat and the boarding is free.

And thank God again, my current employer is good. Allow me to pray . Apart from that I was told to stay out provided a decent house for my stay  I left 8 pm & went home at 9 pm so there was still time for family telephone
I can only say many thanks for the ensemble, ensmeble is indeed the best 



Greetings mam how are you? thank you mam for all the help from ENSEMBLE to me, because  ensemble I got a job and a very good employer, and the content is I feel at home here
Ensemble is really good, the service is proof, my employer takes another helper from  ensemble,my employer  if he trusts people like that, it means that the ensemble is very extraordinary, so my employer takes it there again, thank you, mam for all the help, hopefully the ensemble will be more successful, and all ensemble staff are also always given health  aammin 

Thank God, I'm happy

When can we meet ya?

Pls came to office 


Good morning, Miss, I doesn't feel like 7 months ago I join this employer, thank God the employer is still good until now ,i feel happy , I often got some food from my employer home  sometimes my grandmother like some Indonesian food. Shopping spending money even octopus for grocery shopping she let me keep , thank God the employer believes in me. On my birthday, I was given a gift and a red packet , thankful again. I can pray and fasting. I can't work hard when I'm fasting, telling me to take a nap, she respects all my activities. I finish this contract . I want to renew contract so as not to bother looking for a new employer, thank you so much ce .. already helped my process to be like this honestly beginning in 2010 until now only can the employer who is very good only in the ensemble agent fast process of courteous service new registration one day directly with the employer directly signed the contract can select jobs according to our wishes success for the ENSEMBLE.


Honestly, I am also very grateful to our agency, ENSEMBLE ... for 2 years, I couldn't find an employer because I couldn't speak Cantonese 1 week before my time expired. I came to the agency ensemble. once the interview was immediately told to sign the contract thanks to mam fei and mam KARMANi got a good employer, even though it is a big house there and 3 dogs I'm happy their cooperation .. my employer is good thank God, ENSEMBLE is always the best


Good afternoon cece, thank you very much 

thank God for Monday Monday yesterday even 4 months of new work, through a good and friendly agency ensemble, therefore I entrust my nephew to the process through this agency, thank you mb fei ensemble agency, miss Irene madam karman alhamdulilah employer I'm good even though sometimes it's a bit fussy but I have to work to pay for school fees for my children , thank you very much



I don't think it's been nearly 6 months work in this employer 

Even thought  if told to overtime

It only works on cellphones

During the work presented, I haven't played at the office again

Never complain again


Mbk i  want to share , before thank you so much already want to help me find an employer in HK, thank God from Indo. A distance of 2 months already flew, so fast. And the agency ensemble is very fast on process  here and payment very very cheap, the impression I first entered in the ensemble agency was very good both the people were not arrogant when I wanted to enter the employer was also told to know whether good or not my employer are 

Thank God now my employer is very good, i can cook Indonesian food and employer let me pray and fasting during Ramadan ,I hope that the agency ensemble will be successful 


Cosan bangyao .. Sorry before it doesn't seem fair if only those who can participate can be a good employer, then how are they that don't serve it well, maybe we should improve the way we work, for example my employer I work served this only 2 months ago they were stingy really sorry to eat anything has never been offered / do not want to know the taste is already eaten but not yet different to me, if I have any food or make food I always offer them to believe they do not mb if my employer is not stingy, any food always offer me. So just be patient for those who don't have good employers maybe we should be more diligent with lots of smiles & 1 lg don't argue And about my agency, in addition to the cheap ensemble they pay the staff are also friendly .. Even if there is a problem the staff never side with the employer and helper, it can be said that they are fair so for those of you who buy soon join join our agency, you won't lose because there are so many results.


Kace i will like to share with u, I'm telling you I'm happy find employer in ensemble agency employer treat us like their family , they don't treat us like their helper, even last time in tuen mun also the same thy are nice and  good employer, even in my current employer, thought they were very talkative but i know they mean good to me, to much love for me so they told me to do greengrocer marketing twice a day and spent $500 even i spent more they don't mind, my employer always bring some food from office to all of us, because she scared we might get hungry, they allow me to fasting during Ramadan and they even remind me to pray , after dinner they will not bother me because they know i also need to rest, thank you for giving me good employer 


My personal experience with the agency ensemble is very impressive, just as I arrived at HK, my employer was still abroad, so I only stayed long in the boarding house ensemble, approximately one month until my boss returned to HK.


During that one month, I witnessed myself how the ensemble staff handled every matter of the children, from those who asked for help because their employers were fierce, from those who were interviewed serving, visiting ensemble children who were cared for at the hospital, advising children who want to crack, buying cakes for the fierce the birthday, allowing children to rest on boarding, giving winter clothes to TKW2 who just arrived from Indo during winter, etc .


They serve with heart and embrace all kindness with full sincerity. treat ensemble children like a friend,all complaints of children are listened to, all assisted, all given solutions.


I have been in HK for more than 7 years and have changed agencies several times, in other agencies problematic children tend to be told to find their own solutions, agencies always defend employers, and many agencies wash their hands with problematic children. very different from this agency ensemble ...

I am writing this not just because I want to win, but I am writing this, because I have been watching myself for a month, how this agency works and helps all its children.

All Ensemble Human Resources is more advanced and successful in the future ... aamiin aamiin ya robbalallamin.


thank you infinitely for the kindness of Irene siuce, a beautiful holy sister, kind and not arrogant 😘, Ms. Fei, who is always friendly, sister aling, mem carmen, sir apuk and all the staff of a kind ensemble ... thank you so much ♥ ️ ♥ ️ ♥ ️.


The ensemble agent is an exceptionally good and quality company, the owner and his employees are very welcoming and kind, making the ensemble even more perfect, always welcome especially for myself who every time I am off I always go to the agent ensemble office, from when I come to hk until now, I am often advised and encouraged by the owner of the ensemble, I have felt how sincere the heart of a SIUCE was until I was touched because it was embraced by SIUCE, an agent who was extraordinarily responsible for the TKW especially me, especially the ensemble is the best👍, I say many thanks for the ensemble who has chosen a very good and affectionate employer with me, I hope that the ensemble will be more successful and glorious forever amiin, i love you ensemble❤ you are the best of the best👍👍👍

First time being interviewed by jie jie l Anti language test ky.e 

2 languages ​​as well as English and Cantonese     

2 times 3 felt is still the same as the interview from the ensemble and hopes that the BS can enter the ensembe general 😊

Up to now in pt, at the moment the employer hasn't been able to get in fast yet

Okk fix  I mean the prospective employer wants an interview, but there's no question, and I hope

Ensemble is indeed gadozz jos

But the search for the employer for me

Until I confirmed that I did not enter the ensemble agency  😔

But it's okay, even though it's not from thevensemble agency , I've already been boarding and all are friendly.


Jozz ensemble

Ensemble okk

Thankz Ensemble

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